We are engineers, economists, institutional experts and urban planners who work hand-in-hand to provide access to essential services and improved living environments for local residents.


We will support you in all social and technical engineering activities, assessments, studies and master plans, project management, technical assistance, evaluation and knowledge management.


Our employees have extensive field experience, and have the methodological and operational support of Global Development at their disposal for all of our key themes.



Urban Planner, Specialist in Post-Crisis Interventions

16 years of professional experience

Silvère JARROT is a graduate of the Institut d’Aménagement Régional in Aix-en-Provence (France). He specializes in the urban development of precarious neighborhoods, the definition and implementation for intervention in urban’s crisis context. He has worked as a project manager in Africa (Djibouti, Cameroon), the Middle East (Jordan, Iraq, and Yemen), Latin America (Honduras, Mexico) and the Caribbean region (Haiti) with institutional, international and humanitarian actors.

As such, he has extensive experience to use and develop project management tools, participative approach and consultation’s mechanisms, post-disaster reconstruction strategies and the improvement of precarious neighborhoods.

In addition, Silvère JARROT participated in applied research activities on informal settlements and on the role of residents in the production and management of these territories. He is the author of several articles on citizen participation in post-disaster reconstruction projects.

Since 2017, Silvère carried out the project for the development, extension and beautification of the city of Hinche (Haiti), a methodological guide for Mexican municipalities affected by an earthquake (Mexico), and support for the definition of an urban development program for the city of Port au Prince. It has also participated in several evaluations of humanitarian projects in urban contexts.

Diana Carolina

Environmental Engineer and Water Resources and Environmental Management Specialist

10 years of professional experience

Diana Córdoba is a water and sanitation professional with more than 8 years’ international experience of water and wastewater treatment plant optimisation and operation, water utility monitoring and inspection, and of producing sector reports, groundwater modelling and environmental impact assessments.

Diana has worked with both private and public sector bodies, analysing water and sanitation data and developing inter-institutional action plans and projects. She has also overseen the technical operation of rural and urban water and sewage utilities and worked on developing and implementing a differential approach for inspecting and monitoring utility companies in rural Colombia.

Over the course of her career, she has coordinated interdisciplinary groups to develop environmental impact assessments and environmental management plans, as well as the related cartography.


Economist / Development Project Analyst, specializing in public service development

6 years of professional experience

A graduate of the CERDI (Centre of International Development Studies and Research) in Clermont-Ferrand, Marie specializes in economics and development project analysis.

After two years of intensive preparatory studies for university, Marie decided to focus on development economics by completing the CERDI selective Master’s degree. This course provided her with the skills to apply project management and analysis tools and applied research methodologies to development economics issues. Her experience of working in Colombia and Togo strengthened her commitment and ability to work in a variety of different environments.

Working as fundraising officer for the NGO Travaux Publics Sans Frontières, provided Marie with the opportunity to build her knowledge of WASH projects in developing countries while developing her sales and marketing skills.

Since joining Hydroconseil, she applies her skills in economic and statistical analysis, especially by carrying out tariff studies and creating an observatory of the costs of access to water and sanitation in developing countries. She also specializes in conducting evaluations of international WASH programmes (UNICEF, UNESCO, AFD).


Socio-Economist specializing in solid waste management and WASH

5 years of professional experience

After graduating with a degree in political science, Lise-Ella continued her studies at Sciences Po Rennes – ENS Rennes, completing a Master’s degree in Urban Services Engineering in Networks (ISUR), specialising in improving access to essential services in developing countries.

Lise-Ella has been working as a water, sanitation and solid waste specialist and project manager since 2019. She has worked on a range of socio-economic studies, not only developing tools and methodologies, but also delivering training and analysing the qualitative and quantitative data collected. She has acquired an in-depth knowledge of participatory social engineering methods and is used to working with communities and informal sectors to develop access to essential services. Using her knowledge of public policies, she also conducts institutional and organisational assessments for local institutions (ministries, cities, operators, etc.). Finally, Lise-Ella adopts an inclusive and resilient development approach to each of the projects in which she is involved.

Her project experience has led her to specialise in the solid waste sector, conducting waste characterisation studies (Caribbean and West Africa), supporting the creation or extension of pre-collection services in urban areas (Central Africa) and sharing lessons learned on women’s practices in waste prevention, management and recovery (Maghreb).



Legal and Institutional Expert

22 years of professional experience

François Touchais has over 20 years of environmental law and water legislation experience. He has worked on a range of projects that focused on water resources, flooding, drought, drinking water and sanitation, waste, energy, climate change adaptation, coastal zones, and urbanism.

As an expert, he has carried out numerous institutional and legal water supply and sanitation, and water resource management projects. He provides technical assistance, institutional and public policy evaluation, water law development and capacity-building services.

He has coordinated a number of multimillion euro projects.
Over the course of his career, François has worked with the International Office for Water, Umweltbundesamt (the Austrian environment agency) and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission.

He has also worked as a consultant for UNDP, UNICEF, UNECE and GIZ.


Economist / Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health Education Specialist

16 years of professional experience

Emma has a Master’s 2 degree in International Political Economy (University of Grenoble) and 12 years’ experience of conducting financial and economic analyses in the basic services and public health sectors (drinking water and hygiene, education and health promotion, and social protection).

Before joining Hydroconseil in 2016, Emma spent several years working in economic diplomacy in the French embassies in Pakistan and Panama, and developed the ability to work effectively with all types of stakeholder (private, public, elected officials, associations, and users). She also worked in the health and social protection sector for 4 years, where she acquired extensive prevention and behaviour change expertise and developed information and communication campaigns (IEC).

Pro-active and good communicator, Emma is able to effectively participate in both strategic discussions and practical implementation activities in the field. Since joining Hydroconseil, she has worked on around a dozen urban and rural WASH projects, focusing particularly on conducting economic and financial studies. Emma has used her skills as a financial economist to define management models, develop business plans and support public and private operators with structuring and sustainably developing their services.


Affordable Housing and Urban Development Expert

11 years of professional experience

Bea Varnai has had a cross-disciplinary education, having studied at SciencesPo Paris, University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, Colegio de Mexico, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Passionate about community-led development and participatory approaches, she specializes in sustainable urban development, citizen participation, the social and financial engineering of urban projects, and multi-stakeholder consultation.

Since 2013, Bea has worked on citizen initiatives, public policies, projects, and studies in a number of fields, including affordable housing, informal settlement and home upgrading, participatory urban planning and design, climate change adaptation in Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Kenya), Central America (Nicaragua), South America (Peru, Brazil) and in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Before joining Urbaconsulting as a project manager in 2022, Bea developed her career in the non-profit sector where she worked closely with local communities (at urbaMonde and urbaSEN and the city network FMDV). In addition to her field experience, she has worked on case and feasibility studies, research & development projects, and publications, all in collaboration with academic and professional networks, local authorities, and grassroots alliances.


Applied Economics for Development Expert

11 years of professional experience

Camilo Avendano holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics and Development Practices from the University of Bordeaux and a Bachelor’s degree in Government and International Relations from the Externado University of Colombia. He has eight years’ experience of working in the humanitarian and development field.

Before joining Hydroconseil, Camilo worked with the PADF (Pan American Development Foundation), mobilizing resources for the humanitarian response to the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. He also conducted socio-economic analyses for cooperatives and producers in the Dominican Republic. In 2011, Camilo worked as a project assistant, formulating urban projects for vulnerable people in communities south of Bogota, Colombia.

As a UNDP National Technical Assistant, Camilo used his expertise to carry out participatory appraisals, economic and financial analyses, and intervention effects, results and impacts evaluations (socio-economic projects, community infrastructure creation and improvement projects, productive projects, financial projections, performance analyses) for the UNDP Poverty Reduction Department across the whole of Colombia. The experience he gained working at the United Nations has provided him with a solid understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty reduction, WASH, decent work and economic growth. Camilo joined Hydroconseil at the beginning of 2022 to assist with rolling out Hydroconseil’s activities in Latin America and gain experience of working in Africa.


Water Resources Specialist / Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer

8 years of professional experience

Ignacio joined Hydroconseil to work in the water resources sector, where he provides conceptual and numerical water cycle modelling support and conducts research on Nature-Based Solutions.

He has worked on projects that conducted hydrological and hydraulic simulations for flood risk management in vulnerable communities. In the southern region of Madagascar, he undertook two hydrogeological studies on extracting groundwater to enhance climate change resilience for sustainable water supply production. His approach often combines both on-site and remote sensing data to assess water flow through conceptual and numerical modelling. His resulting versatility and understanding of the potential impact of climate change within the water cycle also led to his involvement in a water harvesting project in Mexico for over twenty water stressed communities located in coastal and mountainous areas.

On the academic side, Ignacio was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to complete the Erasmus Mundus Hydroinformatics & Water Management MSc (EuroAquae), studying in key universities in Spain, the UK, Germany, Poland and France. This training provided him with a toolset of hydro-informatics skills that he has been able to apply to water management.

Ignacio also holds a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He worked in Argentina for 4 years as an engineer in a range of fields, including transport planning, civil construction site management and hydraulics, and in both the private and public sector. One of his positions included working as a junior water supply / sanitation engineer designing water, sanitation and stormwater drainage for around ten small cities in Argentina.


Junior Water, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineer

6 years of professional experience

Antoine Guerry-Grivaud is a water engineer who has five years’ experience of working for consulting firms. He has notably worked on producing environmental studies for land use planning and risk management, and on aquatic environment management and ambient air quality monitoring projects.

A multidisciplinary engineer, Antoine has regularly conducted fieldwork as both assignment supervisor and technical expert. He has worked for public and private operators, notably in Vietnam and Réunion Island.

Antoine is currently carrying out studies to produce water supply master plans for thirteen provincial centres in Togo.


Economist and Junior Urban Networks Expert, specialising in Energy

2 years of professional experience

With a dual Master’s degree in Economics and Networked Urban Services Engineering (from IEP Rennes), Lola specialises in essential urban networks, project and business management.
Lola graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from the Rennes 1 University’s Economic Sciences Faculty, where she acquired robust statistics, econometrics and survey analysis skills. As part of her Master’s degree in project management, she was subsequently able to assist companies and projects using economic analysis tools and methods.
For her second master’s degree at the IEP in Rennes, she specialised in access to housing and essential services such as energy, water, sanitation, waste and mobility in developing countries. During this year of study, she prepared an expert report on drinking water, rainwater and sanitation in Conakry (Guinea).
Within Hydroconseil, she is working as a junior energy expert. She has been involved in various projects, and has worked on preparing calls for tender and launching the group’s new energy brand. Lola has also helped develop the report on rural and semi-urban households’ willingness-to-pay for the electricity service in Haiti.


Junior Economist and Institutional Expert

1 year of professional experience

Garance holds a master’s degree in development economics from the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI), part of the Clermont-Ferrand School of Economics, and she specialises in official development assistance project analysis and management. After two years studying at the ENS D2 grandes écoles preparatory class in Bordeaux, Garance turned her focus to the socio-economic development sector in developing countries. Through her studies, Garance has developed sound project management and analysis skills, built an in-depth knowledge of the economic, social, political and environmental challenges of development, and mastered the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis and survey technical tools. Her experience working as WO.MEN.STRUATION project manager for the non-profit organization Afric’Avenir raised her awareness of the difficulties people face in accessing water and hygiene facilities in developing countries and motivated her to join Hydroconseil in 2023. At Hydroconseil, Garance works on setting up and managing projects to provide access to essential public services, and she also provides economic and institutional analysis expertise.

“Taking a hot shower means access to running water and a source of energy”